*Grammy Semi Finalist Producer* Legendary House DJ* Television Actor/Producer* Las Vegas Performer*


Catch Mickey's up and coming shows.   Whether he's performing live vinyl DJ sets, appearing on TV, or performing in a Live stage show.  

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Mickey Oliver's career has touched dance music enthusiasts across the globe.  

Special Event Alert:

Friday October 28th.  It's a Halloween Event, featuring: 

Mickey "Mixin" Oliver & Mario "Smokin" Diaz

OF the Hot Mix 5.  This Halloween event is brought to you by the Nine30Ten Lounge, Terrific tom and JoeJMC.  

All purchased tickets will be eligible for prizes & gifts.

Music By:  Mickey 'Mixin' Oliver, Mario 'Smokin' Diaz, Joe Jam Master C, Nan, & Adam Rock.    After SET at the Nine30Ten Lounge.

$1,000 in gift prizes for Best Costumes......

Thanks to everyone that purchased a Ticket for our "End of the Summer Cruise".    There will be more Special events like this coming soon!